Hon. Frank H. Hiscock

Chief Judge

Frank Harris Hiscock

Hon. Frank H. Hiscock

Chief Judge, 1917-1926

Associate Judges

Frederick Collin

Hon. Frederick Collin

Associate Judge, 1910-1920
William Herman Cuddeback

Hon. William H. Cuddeback

Associate Judge, 1913-1919
John W. Hogan

Hon. John W. Hogan

Associate Judge, 1913-1923
Benjamin Nathan Cardozo

Hon. Benjamin N. Cardozo

Associate Judge, 1914-1927
Cuthbert Winfred Pound

Hon. Cuthbert W. Pound

Associate Judge, 1915-1931
William Shankland Andrews

Hon. William S. Andrews

Associate Judge, 1917-1928
Frederick Evan Crane

Hon. Frederick E. Crane

Associate Judge, 1917-1933
Chester Bentine McLaughlin

Hon. Chester B. McLaughlin

Associate Judge, 1917-1926
Abram Elkus

Hon. Abram Elkus

Associate Judge, 1919-1920
Emory Albert Chase

Hon. Emory A. Chase

Associate Judge, 1920-1921
Irving Lehman

Hon. Irving Lehman

Associate Judge, 1924-1939

Ex-Officio Judges

Emory Albert Chase

Hon. Emory A. Chase

Ex-Officio Judge, 1903-1920
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