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The Teach & Learn section aims to make available the learning resources we developed with educators and schools. We also include recommended outside resources that are consistent with our mission of education, and often referenced by our education partners! Our resources focus on teaching students about the legal system, how the courts operate, the roles of judges and lawyers in society, and the larger concepts of Justice and the Rule of Law. We utilize the unique lens of the legal system in New York State to further these initiatives.

Legal materials can illuminate fascinating aspects of our history, creating detailed records that depict major social events, small personal conflicts and everything in between. Frequently, two sides of an important conflict are pitted directly against each other, but they can be hard to teach as they use obscure terminology; are organized illogically; and sometimes only lead to further questions. It was with these difficulties in mind that the Society set out to create lessons that would help educators teach these materials in their classes!

As we continue to create projects with our education partners, we will update reference materials with new courses, syllabi, and lesson plans. However, we also want your input. If you’ve adapted these materials to fit the needs of your specific classroom, we want to hear from you! We invite you to email us at the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

For more information about our resources, click on a link below.

Students in the classroom at George Jackson Academy

Middle School Resources
Students in the classroom at BHSEC Queens

High School Resources

Teachers Workshops
Students in the courthouse

Courthouse Tours & Classroom Speakers
High school students in Judith S. Kaye Teaching Fellow Julia Rose Kraut's inaugural class

Additional Resources
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