Recommended Films by Other Organizations

Here is a list of recommended films produced with our partners.

In Memoriam — Henry G. Miller

During the New York State Bar Association’s Virtual Meeting of the House of Delegates on June 13, 2020, Historical Society of the New York Courts President Emeritus Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt delivered a moving tribute to an esteemed attorney, former NYSBA President and a Society friend and supporter, Henry G. Miller, who passed away this year. We thank NYSBA for letting us share this homage to a wonderful human being who is sorely missed.

Commercial Division

The Commercial Division handles complicated commercial cases as part of the Supreme Court of New York State. This updated and acclaimed video about the Commercial Division includes new footage of Chief Judge Janet DiFiore. It also features interviews with former Chief Judge — and the Division’s creator — the late Judith S. Kaye and former Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman.

Blazing a Trail: Pioneering Women Judges of NYS 3rd Judicial District

This documentary tells the story of women judges who helped paved the way for women entering the legal profession, specifically in the Third Judicial District in New York State. Judges recount examples of bias, discrimination and overall disrespect that they faced when they were building a career in the law.

Ethan Travis, a talented film student at the College of St. Rose in Albany, recorded interviews with nine trailblazers and assisted the Gender Fairness Committee of the Third Judicial District, chaired by Hon. Rachel Kretser, in producing this program. It premiered at a continuing legal education program on March 31, 2017 in Albany, NY.

Special thanks to the NY Courts for giving us access to this film.

Franklin H. Williams: A Film Celebrating His Life and Contributions

HSoftheNYCourts proudly helped fund this project.

This video details the life and contributions of Franklin H. Williams, a renowned civil rights attorney, organizer of the Peace Corps and ambassador to Ghana whose living legacy is the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission. The Commission, within the NYS Unified Court System, works to ensure equal participation by people of all backgrounds.

This documentary was conceived, developed, scripted and brought to fruition by Joyce Y. Hartsfield, Executive Director of the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission, and John Caher, Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications, New York State Unified Court System. Enid Gort, Ph.D. served as project consultant.

The project was funded primarily by the Unified Court System, with generous support from the New York State Bar Foundation and the Historical Society of the New York Courts.

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