Court History Films

Each year, HSoftheNYCourts produces a film for its annual gala. Covering a multitude of people and places that are making legal history, these films are mini-oral histories — fascinating slices of the law and judiciary.

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Get to Know the Bench: Up Close & Personal with the NYS Court of Appeals

The Judges of the NYS Court of Appeals took time out of their busy schedules in February, 2018 to meet in the Cardozo Room of the NYS Court of Appeals Courthouse in Albany, NY. They reflected on their early years, setting the foundation for their future careers, and how they view their important work. After individual interviews, Chief Judge Janet DiFiore moderated a group discussion in which the Judges discussed how their collegial body forms an important institution in the fabric of our State’s democratic process.

Get to Know the Four Presiding Justices of the NYS Appellate Divisions

HSoftheNYCourts brought together the four Presiding Justices in the chambers of Presiding Justice Randall T. Eng, a Society Trustee. Included were excerpts from their individual stories about their childhood backgrounds and roads to the bench drawn from longer oral histories filmed that day. The film continued with a roundtable discussion among the four, with inspiring remarks in conclusion.

Passing the Gavel: Continuity, Collaboration and Transition

HSoftheNYCourts brought together our new Chief Judge in conversation with her successor in a warm film that helped introduce her to the legal community. Both included deeply felt personal remembrances of their colleague, former Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye.

At the Helm: A 30 Year Legacy of Leadership

For this film honoring the State’s three most recent Chief Judges: Jonathan Lippman, Judith S. Kaye and Sol Wachtler, we asked the Judges to sit down with Charlie Rose for a conversation on their lives, careers and judicial philosophy.

We Celebrate the New York State Commercial Division: What a Success!

In 2014, HSoftheNYCourts produced a film looking back at the first 20 years of the Commercial Division, featuring interviews with judges and attorneys who had been involved with its development.

New York State Court of Appeals Women Jurists

Watch interviews with the five women judges of the Court of Appeals as they recount their experiences and paths to the Court.

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