NYS Court of Appeals Oral Arguments

Judges on the Court of Appeals Bench, 1987
In the 1980s, the NYS Court of Appeals opened its doors to NY-SCAN for the public broadcast of its oral arguments.  We partnered with NYS Archives to digitize this collection, which provides a unique window into judicial process.

Featured Oral Argument

Before the Court of Appeals partnered with NY-SCAN, the Court also allowed oral arguments to be filmed for the first time for one day in 1980. Chief Judge Lawrence H. Cooke hoped to see what, if any, interference television presented in the administration of justice. This day in the Court of Appeals was broadcasted on C-SPAN, and featured HSoftheNYCourts Trustee Roy L. Reardon.

Watch the Video on C-SPAN!

Roy Reardon at the Court of Appeals
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