Hon. Sanford E. Church

Chief Judge

Sanford Elias Church

Hon. Sanford E. Church

Chief Judge, 1870-1880

Associate Judges

Martin Grover

Hon. Martin Grover

Associate Judge, 1867-1875
Robert Earl

Hon. Robert Earl

Associate Judge, 1869-1894
William Fitch Allen

Hon. William F. Allen

Associate Judge, 1870-1878
Charles Andrews

Hon. Charles Andrews

Associate Judge, 1870-1893
Charles James Folger

Hon. Charles J. Folger

Associate Judge, 1870-1881
John A. Lott

Hon. John A. Lott

Associate Judge, 1870
Rufus W. Peckham

Hon. Rufus W. Peckham, Sr.

Associate Judge, 1870-1873
Charles Anthony Rapallo

Hon. Charles A. Rapallo

Associate Judge, 1870-1887
Alexander Smith Johnson

Hon. Alexander S. Johnson

Associate Judge, 1874
Theodore Miller

Hon. Theodore Miller

Associate Judge, 1874-1886
George Franklin Danforth

Hon. George F. Danforth

Associate Judge, 1878-1889
Samuel Hand

Hon. Samuel Hand

Associate Judge, 1878

Ex-Officio Judges

Portrait Unavailable

Hon. Henry A. Foster

Ex-Officio Judge, 1870
Portrait Unavailable

Hon. Charles R. Ingalls

Ex-Officio Judge, 1870
Hon. Josiah Sutherland

Hon. Josiah Sutherland

Ex-Officio Judge, 1870
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