Hon. Charles S. Desmond

Chief Judge

Charles Stewart Desmond

Hon. Charles S. Desmond

Chief Judge, 1960-1966

Associate Judges

Marvin Rood Dye

Hon. Marvin R. Dye

Associate Judge, 1945-1965
Stanley Howells Fuld

Hon. Stanley H. Fuld

Associate Judge, 1946-1966
Charles William Froessel

Hon. Charles W. Froessel

Associate Judge, 1950-1962
John Van Voorhis

Hon. John Van Voorhis

Associate Judge, 1953-1967
Adrian Paul Burke

Hon. Adrian P. Burke

Associate Judge, 1954-1973
Sydney Francis Foster

Hon. Sydney F. Foster

Associate Judge, 1960-1963
John Francis Scileppi

Hon. John F. Scileppi

Associate Judge, 1963-1972
Francis Bergan

Hon. Francis Bergan

Associate Judge, 1964-1972
Kenneth Barnard Keating

Hon. Kenneth B. Keating

Associate Judge, 1966-1969
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