Common Threads of Justice: Chatting & Blogging with Judicial Notice Authors

As we continue to socially distance, we’ve been bringing to you digitally what we couldn’t bring to you physically: Issue 15 of Judicial Notice! Our authors have provided preview blog posts, highlighting the key stories of the important legal luminaries they profiled in their articles. The series of posts is now complete, and as the courts enter reopening phases, we hope to mail this issue soon.

Trustee and Judicial Notice Style Editor David L. Goodwin has also sat down with past authors in the podcast series Chatting with the Authors. This series will be digging back into our Judicial Notice archives to shed new light on NYS legal history, but the first two episodes showcase stories from the current issue. The next installment is currently in the works!

Listen to John Jay: Practicing Attorney, Traveling Judge, Man of the People


Listen to New York Lawyers and Legal Landmarks


Read the Preview Articles


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