Lyman Tremain

1819-1878 Attorney General of New York, 1858-1860 Lyman Tremain was born on June 14, 1819, in Durham, Greene County, New York. He was educated … More Lyman Tremain »

Gardner Stow

1790-Unknown Attorney General of New York, 1853 Gardner Stow was born around the year 1790 in Orange, Franklin County, Massachusetts. In 1806, he commenced … More Gardner Stow »

Ambrose L. Jordan

1789-1865 Attorney General of New York, 1848-1849 Ambrose Latting Jordan, the first New York State Attorney General elected by popular ballot under the provisions … More Ambrose L. Jordan »

Ogden Hoffman

Ogden Hoffman

1794-1856 Attorney General of New York, 1854-1856 Ogden Hoffman, born on October 13, 1794 in New York City, was the son of the leading … More Ogden Hoffman »

John Cochrane

John Cochrane

1813-1898 Attorney General of New York, 1864-1865 John Cochrane was born August 27, 1813, in Palatine, Montgomery County, New York. He studied at Union … More John Cochrane »

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