Common Threads of Justice: The Law Meets Literature

The Law Meets Literature

We’re continuing our new series Common Threads of Justice as a way to stay connected digitally when it is much safer to stay apart physically. We’re taking a deep dive into our archive of past program videos, oral histories, films and more to showcase the common threads that weave the tapestry of NYS legal history.

The focus this time is on The Law Meets Literature. It seems like such a natural fit for the reality of the courts to feed the creativity of writers, and for the creative world of writers to lead to cases in the courts. These past programs certainly illustrate that.

Litigation & Literature in the NY Courts: Shaw, Shakespeare, and Sherlock (2016)


An American Tragedy: The Law & the Arts (2014) — Listen to the Program Here:


Shakespeare & the Law (2012) — Download the Program Video:

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