Thinking Historically through Writing: Justice and the Law

Created by Rachel Cavell
Bard College Institute for Writing & Thinking

NYS Common Core Grades 11 & 12:
United States History and Government Participation in Government and Civics

Through a one-day professional development workshop, educator-participants engage with IWT’s writing-to-read strategies, and learn by doing. That is, participants engage in the work they would do with their students. This workshop has three sections: Writing to Read The Federalist Papers, Writing to Understand Bills of Rights and Case Law, and Believing & Doubting, Applying the Practices through Lesson Planning. Through these activities, educators will come away with a better understanding of how to utilize the foundational documents and case law in the classroom.

This lesson plan meets the following guidelines of New York State’s Common Core Social Studies Framework (2017):

Workshop Material Anthology PDF

IWT’s Core Writing (& Reading) Practices

The Historical Society’s website contains a wealth of related resources, including mini-biographies of lawyers and judges included in the lesson.

Writing to Read The Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers
Written by Hamilton, Madison, and Jay

Alexander Hamilton
Author of The Federalist Papers

John Jay
Author of The Federalist Papers

NY Ratification of the US Constitution 

Writing to Understand Bills of Rights and Case Law

The New York State Bill of Rights

Image citation: Library of Congress, Rare Book & Special Collections Division, KF4515.

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