Anthony de Milt


Schout of New Amsterdam, 1673-1674

Anthony de Milt (de Mille) is believed to have sailed from Amsterdam, Holland on May 15, 1658, on the ship De Vergulde Bever (The Gilded Beaver). Upon arrival in New Amsterdam, the former grain merchant set up business as a baker and he was among those in the trade who fought ordinances that required the sale of good quality bread at a fixed price. Participating in the bakers’ protest, Anthony de Milt was prosecuted by Schout Pieter Tonneman for the failure to provide loaves of sufficient quality and size. Although the bakers came to his defense and testified on his behalf, De Milt lost his case and was fined for the offense.

On August 17, 1673, De Milt was appointed schout of New Amsterdam, the last to serve prior to the resumption of English rule in the colony. Following his death in 1689, he was described in his will as “a merchant living in the City of New York, and a widower.”

Anthony de Milt is reputed to be a direct male ancestor of the Hollywood director, Cecil B. DeMille.


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