Brian Newton


Council of New Netherland, 1647-1653

Schout-Fiscael of New Netherland (Substituting), 1652

Brian Newton was an Englishman who entered the service of the Dutch West India Company in 1630 and was sent to Curacao in 1634, where he served under General Pieter Stuyvesant. In 1647, Newton became both commander of the military forces in New Netherland and a member of the New Netherland Council. He ceased to be a member of the Council in 1653 but retained his commission as Captain-Lieutenant in the military.

Newton acquired a plantation in Gravesend which he sold on September 10, 1652. Later, he was a freeholder in Jamaica and then a resident of Flatlands, Long Island. In 1660, Newton was one of the ambassadors sent by Stuyvesant to the Colony of Virginia that successfully negotiated the Treaty of Amity and Commerce between New Netherland and Virginia. In September 1661, Brian Newton requested permission to resign his commission and return to Holland. In 1662, his request was granted, and he was duly discharged.



Historical Magazine: And Notes and Queries Concerning the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America, Volumes 11-12 (1867)


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