Allard Anthony


Schout of New Amsterdam, 1664-1667

First Sherrif of New York City

Allard Anthony, born in 1620, was a prominent citizen of New Amsterdam. He was one of the Nine Men in 1652 and was appointed to the newly-established office of Schepen in 1653. That year, Anthony was sent to Holland to request aid to defend the colony against the English then threatening to invade. The following year, he was appointed Burgomaster, to replace Arent Van Hattem who had returned to Holland. He held that office until 1658 and was reappointed in 1661 and 1662.

Allard Anthony took the oath of allegiance to the English Crown on January 16, 1665 and when the Schout, Pieter Tonneman, chose to return to Holland in February 1665, Allard Anthony was appointed the second Schout of New Amsterdam. On June 12, 1665, when the English form of municipal government was established in the City of New York, Governor Nicoll appointed Anthony the first Sheriff of New York City. Anthony was succeeded as sheriff by Captain John Manning, on July 24, 1667, and he, in turn, succeeded Manning as sheriff, on October 13, 1670.

The coat-of-arms of the Anthony family is the same as that of the old Spanish Antonio family and it is believed that one of the Spanish Antonios settled in Holland, founding the Dutch family of Antoni. The family name was modified to Anthony when New Netherland came under English rule.

Anthony had a city residence on Whitehall Street that was considered one of the finest private buildings of its time, and he owned a farm on Manhattan near Wall Street. Allard Anthony died in 1685.



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