Willem Verhulst

Unknown Provisional Director of New Netherland, 1625-1626 In 1625, the Amsterdam Chamber of the Dutch West India Company sent an expedition of several ships … More Willem Verhulst »

Brian Newton

Unknown Council of New Netherland, 1647-1653 Schout-Fiscael of New Netherland (Substituting), 1652 Brian Newton was an Englishman who entered the service of the Dutch … More Brian Newton »

Pieter Minuit

1580-1638 Director of New Netherland, 1626-1633 Pieter Minuit, born in 1580, was a Walloon from Wesel, Duchy of Cleves. By trade, he was a … More Pieter Minuit »

Willem Kieft

1597-1647 Director of New Netherland, 1638-1646 Willem Kieft was born in September 1597 in Amsterdam, Holland. Educated to become a merchant, his failed business … More Willem Kieft »

Pieter Stuyvesant

c. 1612-1672 Director-General of New Netherland, 1647-1664 Pieter Stuyvesant was born in Friesland in the Netherlands around 1612. He studied languages and philosophy in … More Pieter Stuyvesant »

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