Cornelis van der Hoykens


Schout-Fiscael of New Netherland, 1639-1647

Around the late 1630s, the Dutch West India Company realized the pivotal role the Schout played in the administration of New Netherland and removed Ulrich Lupolt from that office. In his place, the Company commissioned Cornelis van der Hoykens at an annual salary of three hundred and sixty florins, with an additional three hundred for board. Van der Hoykens arrived in New Amsterdam on July 13, 1639, and remained in office until May 22, 1647.

When the Dutch West India Company appointed Pieter Stuyvesant as Director General of New Netherland to succeed Director Willem Kieft, Schout-fiscael Hendrick Thomasse Van Dijck was appointed to replace Schout-fiscael Cornelis van der Hoykens.

Willem Kieft and Cornelis van der Hoykens sailed for Holland on the ship Princess Amalia, and both perished when she was shipwrecked off the coast of Wales.



Edmund Bailey O’Callaghan. History of New Netherland (1846)


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