The Four Departments of the Appellate Division

Created by the New York State Constitution of 1896, the four regional Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court are the intermediate appellate courts in the State, divided into four departments for the sake of judicial efficiency. They are the first level of appeal from the courts of original jurisdiction. To celebrate its centennial in 1996, each Department produced a commemorative book that documents its rich and distinctive court history.

We plan to provide the architectural history of the courthouses where the courts sit. These include: the First Department, 27 Madison Avenue, New York, New York; the Second Department, 45 Monroe Place, Brooklyn, New York; the Third Department, Empire State Plaza, State Street, Albany, New York; and the Fourth Department, 50 East Avenue, Rochester, New York.

Map of the Appellate Divisions Departments
A map depicting the Four Departments of the Appellate Divisions’ jurisdiction.


Appellate Division, First Department courthouse

First Judicial Department

New York City

Appellate Division, Second Department courthouse

Second Judicial Department


Appellate Division, Third Department courthouse

Third Judicial Department


Appellate Division, Fourth Department courthouse

Fourth Judicial Department


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