Common Threads of Justice: The Lemmon Slave Case Videocast

We recently completed a very special videocast The Evolution of Slavery, Abolition in NY, and the NY Courts: The Lemmon Slave Case with Dennis E. Glazer and Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt. Affirmed by the Court of Appeals in 1860, the Lemmon Slave Case illustrates how NYS law was ahead of federal in finding that slaves brought into the State were not property. This went against the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, decided three years earlier.

Dennis and Judge Rosenblatt trace New York’s relationship with slavery from the early days of the colony to the climate of the nation leading up to the Civil War. This conversation is visual, peppered with amazing imagery that Judge Rosenblatt has collected through his research into his forthcoming book on this case. The videocast culminates with an investigation into the Lemmon Slave Case itself.

We also included a slide presentation which complements the video by including additional images of the history of slavery in New York.

We greatly appreciate Dennis and Judge Rosenblatt’s shedding important light on a lesser-known NYS case.

Listen to the Podcast:

Watch the Video:

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