Episode #18: White Shoe and Rogues’ Gallery — Money, Crime, and Punishment in Old New York

This episode was recorded on April 12, 2022 as part of Woodlawn Cemetery’s Virtual Book Club series.

In the rough-and-tumble New York of a century and a half ago, enterprising lawyers like Paul Cravath and Samuel Untermyer invented the modern practice of corporate law – all while dastardly crooks grabbed headlines and forced innovations among the police who pursued them and the attorneys who prosecuted them.

Author John Oller, Esq. spent years researching this distinctive crucible in New York’s legal history, which resulted in his two monumental books, White Shoe (2019) and Rogues’ Gallery (2021). In this spirited conversation with attorney and historian Adrian Untermyer, Oller brings legal figures like Roland Molineux, Rebecca Salome Foster, and Alexander S. “Clubber” Williams to light while sharing dozens of other unforgettable anecdotes from these formative years in the history of New York Law.

This conversation was co-sponsored by the Woodlawn Cemetery Conservancy, which preserves, improves, and celebrates Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx. Woodlawn is home to many of the legal figures mentioned in this program and in Oller’s two books, and Woodlawn’s Director of Historical Services Susan Olsen joins Oller and Untermyer for the latter portion to share her unique insights. The program was originally recorded as part of Woodlawn’s Tuesday Night Book Club on April 12, 2022.

For further information about John Oller, and to learn how to purchase his books, please visit him online at www.johnollernyc.com.

To learn more about host Adrian Untermyer, please visit www.adrianuntermyer.com.

For additional details about the Woodlawn Cemetery Conservancy, including how to visit the gravesites mentioned in this program, visit www.woodlawn.org.



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