Willem Knijff


Fiscael of New Netherland, 1673-1674

In 1673, Willem Knijff was the Captain of the company of Netherlands Infantry stationed in Fort Willem Hendrick and on October 1, the Governor-General, Anthony Colve, sent Knijff and another officer to the English towns to require the inhabitants to take the oath of allegiance to the Dutch authorities. Oysterbay complied; Huntington and Brookhaven offered to sign an agreement to be faithful to the Dutch government, but refused to take any oath that would bind them to take up arms against the crown of Great-Britain.

On October 15, 1673, Governor-General Colve provisionally and subject to the approbation of their High Mightinesses, appointed the Lords Majors appointed Willem Knijff Fiscael and Public Prosecutor of the Province of New Netherland.


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