Thomas A. Johnson

Hon. Thomas Johnson


Thomas A. Johnson served 1847-1848, 1856, and 1864. Born in Blanford, Hamden County, Mass., May 15, 1804. Land commissioner, Erie Railroad Co., 1841. Elected to state supreme court, seventh judicial district, 1847, and twice reelected, serving for 25 years. Appointed to general term, fourth department (1870). Died on Dec. 5, 1872, in Corning, N.Y. See 1 McAdam, History of the Bench and Bar of New York (1896), p. 374; see also There Shall Be a Court of Appeals (New York State Court of Appeals, 1997), p. 40; W.W. Clayton, History of Steuben County.

This biography appears in The Judges of the New York Court of Appeals: A Biographical History, ed. Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt (New York: Fordham University Press, 2007). It has not been updated since publication.


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