Noah Davis, Jr.

Hon. Noah Davis


Noah Davis Jr. served in 1865. Born in Haverhill, N.H., Sep. 10, 1818, and raised in Albion (Orleans County) and Buffalo. In Albion, he formed a partnership with Sanford E. Church (who would become Court of Appeals chief judge from 1873 to 1880). Supreme court justice, eighth judicial district, 1857-1868; U.S. Congressman (Republican), 1869-1870; U.S. attorney, Southern District of New York, 1870=1872; supreme court justice, first department, 1874-1886. Presided over the William “Boss” Tweed trials in New York City in 1873. Died Mar. 20, 19-2. See generally G. Myers, The History of New York, Boni & Liveright (1917); H.L. Clinton, Celebrated Trials: With Nine Portraits, New York (1897); Judge Davis and His Contempt Proceedings 12 Alb LJ 103 (1875-1876); Judge Davis and Six Gentlemen of the New York Bar, by a member of the Procession New York (1874); Judge Davis on Contempt, 11 Alb LJ 408 (1876); “The Contempt Case: Judge Davis and the Tweed Counsel,” The New York Times, Nov. 25, 1873 p.2, 2 McAdam, History of the Bench and Bar of New York, New York History Co. (1897), p. 123; biography at 66 Alb LJ 343 (1904-1905). Full-page illustration in Harper’s Weekly, Dec. 13, 1873; Myers, The History of Tammany Hall, ch. 25, Collapse and Dispersion of the “Ring” 1871-8172;; Obituary, The New York Times, Mar. 21, 1902. Internment at Mt. Albion, Albion, N.Y.

This biography appears in The Judges of the New York Court of Appeals: A Biographical History, ed. Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt (New York: Fordham University Press, 2007). It has not been updated since publication.


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