Nathan B. Morse


Nathan B. Morse served in 1853. Born in Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 14, 1799. Moved to Brooklyn in 1825, joining a law practice with William (later judge) Rockwell. At the time the Kings County bar consisted of 14 members. City treasurer, 1829; appointed district attorney, 1830. Elected county judge, 1838 (said to the be first judge of Kings County, see 2 Alb LJ 267 [1870-1871]; Proctor, The Bench and Bar of New York [1870], p. 247). Reappointed district attorney, 1839. Supreme court, second judicial district, 1847, following the adoption of the 1846 constitution. Died Jun. 24, 1886, in Brooklyn. See Obituary, Brooklyn Eagle, Jun. 25, 1886.

This biography appears in The Judges of the New York Court of Appeals: A Biographical History, ed. Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt (New York: Fordham University Press, 2007). It has not been updated since publication.


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