John Bridges


Justice of the New York Supreme Court of Judicature, 1702-1703

Chief Justice, 1703-1704

John Bridges was educated at Cambridge University in England and was conferred with the degree of Doctor of Laws. Admitted to the Middle Temple and called to the Bar on May 22, 1691, he practiced law for eleven years in England and became a member of the Inner Temple. John Bridges arrived in the Province of New York with Governor Cornbury. He was sworn in as Second Justice of the Supreme Court of Judicature on June 14, 1702 and became Chief Justiceon April 5, 1703. In July of that year, he was appointed to the Governor’s Council.

Governor Cornbury granted him land patents in Suffolk County and in the Catskill mountains (the Wawayanda Patent) and these were confirmed by Queen Anne. When John Bridges came to New York, he brought with him a large collection of books, a library that was noted as far away as Boston. He died on July 6, 1704.



Hamlin, Paul M., and Charles E. Baker. Supreme Court of Judicature of the Province of New York, 1691-1704. New York, 1959.


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