Charles Gray

Hon. Charles Gray

Charles Gray served in 1847-1848. Born in Palatine, Montgomery County, N.Y., on Sep. 20, 1796. Herkimer County jail building commissioner, 1832; elected to state assembly, 1835; judge of Court of Common Pleas 1838-1841. Elected to state supreme court in 1847, was an ex officio member of the first Court of Appeals. Commissioned as brigadier general. Died in Herkimer, N.Y., on Feb. 21, 1871. Picture in There Shall Be a Court of Appeals (New York State Court of Appeals, 1997), p. 40. Portrait in the New York Court of Appeals, a gift from Carolyn and John J. Zoller of Little Falls, N.Y. (See Utica [N.Y.] Observer Dispatch, Jan. 4, 1998, article by Christine Van Dusen).

This biography appears in The Judges of the New York Court of Appeals: A Biographical History, ed. Hon. Albert M. Rosenblatt (New York: Fordham University Press, 2007). It has not been updated since publication.


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