Court of Appeals Judges in Session in 1922 and 2002

The Judges of the New York State Court of Appeals, photographed in private session. Reading or around the table, left to right: Judge Benjamin Cardozo, of New York, Judge Cuthbert W. Pound, Judge Chester B. McLaughlin, of Port Henry, Judge Frederick Crane of Brooklyn, Judge Andrews, Chief Judge F.H. Hiscock of Syracuse, and Judge John W. Hogan of Syracuse. 12/30/22
The Judges of the Court of Appeals recreated the 1922 photograph in 2002. Reading or around the table, left to right: Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye, Judge Howard A. Levine, Judge Albert M. Rosenblatt, Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick, Judge Victoria A. Graffeo, Judge Richard C. Wesley, and Judge George Bundy Smith

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