You, the Juror

2016 David A. Garfinkel Essay Scholarship

The 2016 David A. Garfinkel Essay Scholarship topic of You, the Juror can act in the classroom as a prepared Document Based Question. It was prepared in 2015 and the resources have not been updated since that time. For more information about recent legal developments, consult national and state newspapers, legal databases, and your librarian.

Jury service has evolved since the inception of the United States. Juries are intended to provide a fair and unbiased review of evidence during trials, but there was a time when not everyone was able to serve on them. Today we have universal jury service in both criminal and civil trials, ensuring community participation in the justice system. We ask the question, What role does jury service play in our democracy?

This activity meets the following guidelines of New York State’s Common Core Social Studies Framework (2017):

  • Civil Rights and Civil Liberties: 12.G2a
  • Rights, Responsibilities, and Duties of Citizenship: 12.G3c
Below is a list of the 2016 resources in a searchable table. Search by theme of resource: jury selection, race and juries, women and juries, LGBT and juries, or jury history.

Supreme Court Preview: Foster v. Chatman

The Federalist Society A preview of an upcoming case in which the Supreme Court will consider the extent to which ...
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Sixth Amendment: Speedy Trial & Impartial Jury – Video

C-SPAN A discussion of the importance of jury trials and the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This includes a ...
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The Jury System on Trial – Video

PBS Mark Zauderer, Chairman of a committee on jury reforms in New York, speaks about the jury system, reform efforts ...
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Becoming Full Citizens: The U.S. Women’s Jury Rights Campaigns, the Pace of reform, and Strategic Adaptation

American Journal of Sociology This article examines the strategies and approach employed by the women's rights movements of the early ...
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The Woman Juror

Women Lawyers' Journal In 1927, women gained the right to vote but still lacked the right to serve on juries ...
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Impact of Jury Race and Selection on Verdicts in Criminal Trials

Journalist's Resource A study by Duke University found that racial diversity had a large impact on the decisions reached by ...
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The National LGBT Bar Association An act to prevent the removal of jurors based on their sexual orientation has been ...
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Jury Without Jews Request Rejected by New York City Judge

ABC News In 2013, a terrorism suspect requested that no Jewish citizens be allowed to sit on the jury in ...
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Jury Representativeness: It’s No Joke in the State of New York

Cornell Journal of Law & Public Policy This brief article looks at recent initiatives in New York to spread the ...
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Jury Selection

New York State Bar Association A guideline for attorneys in New York on the jury selection process and how they ...
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Jury Selection Process

The State of the State for Washington Latinos A study conducted of federal jury lists found that Latinos were underrepresented ...
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Jury Managers’ Toolbox: Characteristics of an Effective Master Jury List

National Center for State Courts' Center for Jury Studies How are jurors selected from the general population? This article looks ...
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New York’s 82 Percent Committee: What Would You Call Your Committee?

National Center for State Courts' Center for Jury Studies Currently, court systems must call in a large pool of potential ...
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Finding a Jury of Your Peers Is Pretty Complicated

NPR Selecting a jury that represents the population can be a difficult task, having to take into account how issues ...
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Batson Challenges and the Jury Project: Is New York Ready to Eliminate Discrimination From Criminal Jury Selection?

St. John's University School of Law Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development New York has attempted to end racial ...
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The Supreme Court’s Gap on Race and Juries

The New York Times The Supreme Court is hearing a case on the Batson Challenge in late 2015. Columnist Linda ...
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