Ulrich Lupolt


Schout-fiscael of New Netherland, 1638-1639

Ulrich Lupolt, a native of Stade, Germany, who on March 28, 1638 replaced Jacques Bentyn as Schout-fiscael, was dismissed from that office on July 13, 1639 when Cornelis van der Hoykens, who had been commissioned New Netherland Schout-fiscael by the Dutch West India Company, arrived in New Amsterdam. Immediately, Director Willem Kieft appointed Lupolt Commissary of Stores, and permitted him to retain his seat on the New Netherland Council.

On February 28, 1641, in Fiscael v. Commissary Lupolt, the defendant Lupolt was charged with fraud and extortion, and he admitted that he had charged more than was lawful for goods sold in the Company store. Ulrich Lupolt was sentenced on March 14, 1641 to be sent back to Holland to answer for his delinquencies, declared unfit to hold any public office and was ordered to pay a fine of 200 guilders and costs.



Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the Office of the Secretary of State, Albany, N.Y.: Dutch manuscripts, 1630-64.


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