Richard Ingoldsby


Richard Ingoldsby served William of Orange as a field officer in the campaign in Ireland and was appointed captain of the military company sent to New York with the new Governor, Henry Sloughter, in September 1690. Ingoldsby was on the first ship that arrived in port in New York and he immediately demanded that Jacob Leisler, who had assumed the office of lieutenant governor of New York following the demise of the Dominion of New England, surrender the Province of New York to him. Leisler did not comply until Governor Henry Sloughter arrived in March 1691 whereupon Leisler was tried for treason and hanged in May 1691. Governor Sloughter died in New York on July 23, 1691 and the New York Council appointed Ingoldsby as commander-in-chief pending the arrival of the next governor, Benjamin Fletcher.

The City of Albany came under martial law in 1693 and Major Richard Ingoldsby became commander of Fort Orange and president of the Court Martial. When Lord Cornbury was commissioned Governor of New York, Ingoldsby was appointed Lieutenant-governor and also held office as a member of the New Jersey Provincial Council.

Following the death of Governor John Lovelace on May 6, 1709, Ingoldsby became the acting governor of both New Jersey and New York. His gubernatorial commission was revoked in 1710, and he died in New York on March 1, 1719.


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