Isaac Allerton

c. 1585-1659

Isaac Allerton was one of the original Mayflower pilgrims who settled the Plymouth Colony in 1620. Born in London around 1585, he was a tailor by trade, and a religious non-conformist.

Conflicts within the Plymouth Colony forced him to leave, and he settled in Marble Harbor in Massachusetts, where he established a thriving fishing business. Not long afterwards, his liberal religious views were again challenged, this time with the General Court of Massachusetts. In March, 1635, the court ordered that “he shall be sent for to the intent that he may understand the desire of the country for his removal from Marble-Harbor.”

From 1636 to 1646, Isaac Allerton resided in New Amsterdam, where he became a merchant and had a warehouse on the East River. While living at New Amsterdam, Allerton made many voyages to Virginia and the West Indies. In 1643, he was selected as one of the Eight Men.

Isaac Allerton moved to New Haven, Connecticut sometime around 1646, and lived there until his death in 1659. He built himself a “grand house on the Creek, with Four Porches,” on a home lot of two acres.



Walter Scott Allerton, Horace True Currier. History of the Allerton Family in the United States: 1585 to 1885 (1900) (Google eBook)

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