Coenraad Notelman


Schout of New Netherland, 1632-1634; 1634-1635

Coenraad Notelman, a cousin of Patroon Killiaen van Rensselaer, was appointed by the Dutch West India Company as the second Schout of New Netherland, replacing the first Schout, Jan Lampo.

Before he embarked on the ship that was to take him to New Amsterdam in 1631, Notelman was entrusted with letters from the Dutch West India Company to Director Pieter Minuit and other Company officials to return immediately to Holland.

In a letter to Notelman dated July 20, 1632, Van Rensselaer wrote from Holland and warned Notelman: “On account of the great changes which have taken place here, and if I had not exerted my influence they would have recalled you together with others whom they are ordering home, as my nephew Wouter van Twiller, who now goes there as director general, will no doubt tell you. He has also done his best to keep you there, so that you will now have to pay close attention to your duties and perform them to the best services of the Company or they will the next time easily find occasion to remand you. However, I have no doubt but you will properly acquit yourself of them.”

Conrad Notelman was succeeded a year later by the third Schout, Lubertus Van Dincklagen.



NYS Assembly Document #63 (1908)


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