Erie County Historical Court Records

Records Available for Research

Minutes/Records of the County Court, 1923-Present
Naturalization Records

Supreme Court, 1906-1942
Superior Court, 1839-1895

Minutes/Records of the Supreme Court, 1839-Present
Minutes/Records of the Court of Common Pleas, 1830-1846


Erie County Clerk’s Office
Erie County Hall
92 Franklin Street
Buffalo, NY 14202

  • Supreme and County Court Civil Records: 1996-Present
  • Supreme and County Court Criminal Records: 1916-Present

Erie County Records Center
3600 William Street
Buffalo, NY 14227

  • Records of County Court: 1923-1995
  • Records of the Supreme Court: 1839-1995
  • Records of Erie County Court of Common Pleas: 1830-1846
  • Naturalization Records, Supreme Court: 1906-1942
  • Naturalization Records, Superior Court: 1839-1895
  • Records of the Superior Court: 1887-1910
  • Records of Chancery/Supreme Court: 1839-1932

Other Records of Historical Interest

Records of the Superior Court, 1887-1910
Records of Chancery/Supreme Court, 1839-1932

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For more information, please contact the Erie County Clerk on their website: The Historical Society of the New York Courts is unable to provide research assistance related to court records at this time.

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