Summons to the English to Surrender, 1673

The ship Swanenburgh, anchored betwixt Staten and Long Island.
9th of August, 1673

Sir :—The force of war now lying in your sight, is sent by the High and Mighty States and his Serene Highness the Prince of Orange, for the purpose of destroying their enemies. We have sent you, therefore, this letter, together with our trumpeter, to the end that upon sight hereof you surrender unto us the fort called James, promising good quarter; or, by your refusal, we shall be obliged to proceed, both by land and water, in such manner as we shall find to be most advantageous for the High and Mighty States.

Signed: Cornelis Evertsen and Jacob Benckes

The English agreed to the surrender provided that their officers and soldiers should march out of the Fort with their arms, their drums beating and colors flying, without hindrance or molestation.

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