Ulster County Historical Court Records

Records Available for Research

County Court
Minutes/County Court in Equity, 1847-1848 (The Judgment Book in the Supreme Court), 1848-1851 (?)
Minutes/County Court, 1843-1950
Criminal Trial Term Minutes/County Court, 1910-1950
Calendars/County Court, 1843-1950
Orders/County Court, 1876
Examinations/County Court, 1852-1857
Judgments/County Court, 1861-1892
Recognizance/County Court, 1869-1870
Stenographer’s Minutes/County Court, 1850-1856
Certificates of Convictions/County Court, 1833-1838


Court of General Sessions
Minutes/Court of General Sessions, 1703-1705; 1736-1739; 1818-1895
Extract of Fines/Court of General Sessions, 1765-1794
Indictments/Court of General Sessions, 1714-1895
Overseers of the Poor/Orders/Court of General Sessions, 1792-1828
Justices/Orders/Court of General Sessions, 1785-1799
Grand Jury Lists/Court of General Sessions, 1720-1812
Presentments/Court of General Sessions, 1781-1795
Death Inquisitions/Court of General Sessions, 1782
Recognizance/Court of General Sessions, 1719-1831
Examinations/Depositions/Grievances/Letters/Petitions/Court of General Sessions, 1725-1814
Orders of Filiation/Court of General Sessions, 1774-1808
Warrants/Court of General Sessions, 1720-1813
Executions/Court of General Sessions, 1720
Precepts and Jury Lists/Grand/Court of General Sessions, 1726, 1797-1814


Supreme Court
Affidavits of Merit/Supreme Court, 1813
Case Records/Supreme Court/Albany, 1798-1804; 1838-1880
Order/Justices/Supreme Court/City of New York, 1722
Subpoena/Supreme Court, 1763
Precepts and Jury Lists/Supreme Court, 1776
Judgment Orders/Supreme Court, 1776
Orders/Supreme Court and Supreme Court Special Sessions, 1854-1876
Minutes/Supreme Court, 1896-1902
Oyer and Terminer Court
Recognizance/Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1790; 1801-1804
Minutes/Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1830-1895
Indictments/Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1809-1864
Order/Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1876
Court of Common Pleas
Writs/Court of Common Pleas, 1703-1806
Fees/Court of Common Pleas, 1742-1828
Case Records/Court of Common Pleas, 1723-1856
Dockets/Court of Common Pleas, 1803-1816
Pleas/Court of Common Pleas, 1803-1816
Judgment Records/Court of Common Pleas, 1716-1801; 1835-1845
Bonds/Performance/Court of Common Pleas, 1736-1786
Bonds/Bail/Bail Pieces/Court of Common Pleas, 1751-1810
Minutes/Court of Common Pleas, 1712-1720; 1784-1823
Mixed Records/Court of Common Pleas, 1738-1830
Precepts and Jury Lists/Court of Common Pleas, 1708-1898
Depositions/Court of Common Pleas, 1786-1806
Indentures/Court of Common Pleas, 1732-1748
Complaints/Declarations/Pleas/Court of Common Pleas, 1721-1779
Calendars/Court of Common Pleas, 1829-1834
Notes of Issue/Notices of Trial/Court of Common Pleas, 1828-1839
Executions/Court of Common Pleas, 1806-1850
Warrants/Court of Common Pleas, 1818-1842
Record of Wills and Testaments/Court of Common Pleas, 1790-1827
Appointment of Agent/Court of Common Pleas, 1818-1836
Rule Book/Court of Common Pleas, 1804-1874
Revolutionary War Service Affidavits/Court of Common Pleas, 1820-1830


Naturalization/Court Orders, 1929-1950
Naturalization Records, 1800-1900
Index to Citizenship/Naturalization, 1830-1903
Immigration and Naturalization Books, 1846-1851
Naturalization Court Orders, 1929-1950
Naturalization Monthly and Quarterly Reports Ledgers, 1932-1950
Naturalization/Repatriation Records, 1930-1950
Naturalization/Enemy Aliens List, 1942-1947
Naturalization Certificate Books and Stubs, 1907-1926
Naturalization Petitions, 1830-1950


Ulster County Hall of Records
300 Foxhall Avenue
Kingston, NY 12401

  • All records listed on this webpage are retained by the Ulster County Clerk’s Office in the Ulster County Hall of Records.

Other Records of Historical Interest

Town Courts/Colonial Courts
Minutes/Kingston Court, 1658-1712; 1718-1774
Secretary’s Papers/Kingston Court, 1664-1681
Court of Special Sessions
Examinations/Court of Special Sessions, 1869
Circuit Court
Minutes/Circuit Court, 1797; 1805; 1844-1895
Case Records/Circuit Court in Equity, 1825
Calendars/Circuit Court, 1831
Mixed Court Records
Criminal Action Case Files/Supreme Court/County Court/Court of Common Pleas, 1800-1910
Civil Action Papers/Supreme Court/County Court/Court of Common Pleas, 1714-1950
Executions/Supreme Court/County Court/Court of Common Pleas, 1835-1856
Warrants/Court of Common Pleas/Court of General Sessions, 1720-1774
Warrants/Court Common Pleas/Court of General Sessions, 1720-1774
Executions/Unsatisfied/Supreme Court/County Court, 1876-1914
Grand Jury Dismissals/County Court/Supreme Court, 1905-1939
Lis Pendens/Records of/Supreme Court/County Court, 1825-1949
Minutes/Court of Common Pleas/Court of General Sessions, 1705-1737
Mixed Court Records/Supreme Court/County Court/Justice Court/City Court, 1827-1948
Mixed Court Records/Supreme Court/Oyer and Terminer Court/Circuit Court/General Sessions Court, 1798-1837
Mixed Court Records/Court of Common Pleas/Court of Oyer and Terminer/Court of Chancery/Court of General Sessions/Supreme Court/Justice Court, 1725-1830
Case Records/Court of Oyer and Terminer/Circuit Court, 1798-1815
Rule Book/Court of Common Pleas/Court of Sessions/Justice Court, 1693-1698; 1737-1750; 1759-1774
Case Records/Court of General Sessions/Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1881-1889
Calendars/Court of Common Pleas/Circuit Court, 1817-1846
Circuit Court Minutes/Papers/Supreme Court Minutes, 1844-1902
Courts of Justice of the Peace
Accusation/Justice Court, 1730-1752
Minutes/Court of Justice of the Peace, 1714-1752
Justice Court Transcripts, 1818-1850; 1862-1909
Examinations/Justice Court, 1870-1894
Jury List/Justice Court, 1722
Surrogate’s Court
Surrogate’s Court Minutes Books, 1884-1903
Court of Chancery
Testimony/Court of Chancery, 1840
Court of Sessions
Case Records/Sessions Court, 1883-1893
Ashokan Reservoir Proceedings/Supreme Court
Ashokan Reservoir Papers, 1907-1948
Ashokan Reservoir Order Books, 1908-1947
Ashokan Reservoir Transcripts, 1907-1923

Accessing County Records

Materials are available to examine without an appointment, but researchers are encouraged to contact the Clerk’s Office in advance to retrieve boxes prior to arrival.

Material can be photographed/imaged by patrons free of charge, or the Clerk’s Office can provide scanning fees at $.65/per page. Remote reference inquiries incur a $10.00 retrieval fee in addition to copies made.

Learn More

For more information, please contact the Ulster County Clerk on their website: https://clerk.ulstercountyny.gov/. The Historical Society of the New York Courts is unable to provide research assistance related to court records at this time.

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