Oswego County Historical Court Records

Records Available for Research

Minutes/Records of the County Court, 1790-present
Minutes/Records of the Oyer and Terminer Courts, 1846-1901
Minutes/Records of the Supreme Court, 1816-present
Naturalization Records, 1829-1957
Minutes/Records of the Surrogate’s Court, 1816-1972


Oswego County Clerk’s Office
46 East Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126

  • County Court Records, 1908-present
  • Supreme Court Records, 1896-present

Oswego County Records Center
384 East River Road
Oswego, NY 13126

  • County Court Records, 1790-1908
  • Supreme Court Records, 1816-1896
  • Surrogate’s Court, 1816-1972
  • Minutes of Oyer and Terminer Courts, 1846-190
  • Naturalization Records, 1829-1957

Accessing County Records

In accordance with the CPLR, County Clerks receive a fee for copies of $.65 per page/minimum $1.30. The Oswego County Clerk’s Office does require that assistance be provided by staff when copying records from books. There is one microfilm reader/printer but access has never been an issue.

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