The Marine Court of the City of New York, 1807-1883

The Marine Court was initially known as the Justices’ Court and was established in New York City in 1807. In 1813, it became a court of record, was required to hold its sessions in City Hall and was awarded a court seal. In 1817, the court was granted jurisdiction to confiscate ships and vessels for marine debts, and in 1819, the court was renamed the Marine Court of the City of New York. The Marine Court’s jurisdiction included monetary claims below a designated amount and unlimited jurisdiction in cases involving master and mariner. In 1846, its jurisdiction was expanded to the trial of actions for assault and battery, false imprisonment and libel and slander. By chapter 38 of the Laws of 1883, the name of the court was changed to the “City Court of New York”, and the laws relating to the marine court, the justices, clerks, and attaches were continued by the City Court of New York.


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